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Additional resources for Burkholderia sequence analysis, gene annotation and functional pathway analysis are listed below. We encourage researchers to contact us with suggestions for additional items that should be listed.

International Burkholderia cepacia Working Group

The IBCWG is open to clinicians and scientists interested in advancing knowledge of B. cepacia infection/colonization in persons with cystic fibrosis through the collegial exchange of information and promotion of coordinated approaches to research - Go to website

Database of Burkholderia mallei Secretion Systems (DBSecSys)

A compilation of manually curated and computationally predicted bacterial secretion system proteins and their host factors - Go to website

Pathosystems Resource Integration Center (PATRIC)

Contains integrated genomic data, metadata, computational analyses and curated annotations for pathogenic species' genomes, including Burkholderia - Go to website

Burkholderia genome/transcriptome projects

View a list of genome and transcriptome projects in this database (based on NCBI BioProject).

View a list at the Genomes Online website

View listing of complete and incomplete microbial genome projects at NCBI.

IslandViewer - Genomic Island Predictions

IslandViewer is tool for visualization of genomic islands that have been predicted using three different computational methods (IslandPick, SIGI-HMM and IslandPath-DIMOB).

Hosted by the Brinkman Lab, Simon Fraser University, Canada

IslandViewer Website


WebACT provides a database of sequence comparisons between all publicly available prokaryotic genome sequences, allowing the on-line visualisation of comparisons between up to five genomic sequences, using the Artemis Comparison Tool (ACT) developed by the Sanger Institute. Abbott JC, Aanensen DM, Bentley SD. 2007 (Pubmed)

Hosted by Imperial College, London. (website)