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Photo Credit: Larry Stauffer, Oregon State PHL.
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Draft Genomes 1603
Manually-curated annotation updates 2887
Curated GO terms 818

Latest News

Dec 11, 2018
Important Notice: Please note there will be a major two or three day downtime taking place between Dec 17 to 20 (originally scheduled for Dec 11 to 13) to implement a major move of our services to new hardware and associated infrastructure. If you have any concerns please contact us and we will try and help where possible. Thank you for your understanding as we work to ensure robust services and we apologize for any inconvenience.
June 15, 2018
New feature. Diamond blastp search results now show an image of the subject protein's genomic context similar to the gene overview page.
New feature. Burkholderia Ortholog Group data can now be downloaded in fasta format. Tab- and CSV-delimited formats also include amino acid sequence in last column.
May 17, 2018
Burkholderia (Paraburkholderia) phymatum STM815, Burkholderia (Paraburkholderia) xenovorans LB400 (2 assemblies), and Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 were suppressed by RefSeq for various reasons and as a result, deleted from our database. They have now been restored to this site. We apologize for any inconvienience.
April 30, 2018
Burkholderia Genome Database version 8.1 released with focus on updating names for T3SS gene cluster, plasmid-encoded ptw Type IV cluster, VirB-VirD-like type IV cluster, T6SS cluster, bce-I and bce-II gene clusters, O antigen biosynthesis gene clusters, arn gene cluster, bactobolin biosynthetic gene cluster, malleilactone biosynthetic gene cluster, hemin uptake (hmu operon), toxoflavin-like gene cluster, HMAQ biosynthesis operon.
922 annotation updates with emphasis on strains B. cenocepacia J2315, B. cenocepacia K56-2, B. dolosa AU0158, B. glumae BGR1, B. pseudomallei K96243,B. mallei ATCC 23344 and B. thailandensis E264
622 new isolates added to the database for a total of 1807 Burkholderia genomes.
Antibiotic resistance (AMR) gene predictions based on the Resistance Gene Identifier (RGI) analysis tool which utilizes the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD) hosted by Andrew McArthur's Lab at McMaster University. ( J2315 example )

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