The Burkholderia Genome Database collaborates with an international panel of expert Burkholderia researchers to provide high quality updates to genomes annotation and make cutting edge genome analysis data available

Photo Credit: Larry Stauffer, Oregon State PHL.
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Complete Genomes 123
Draft Genomes 1062
Manually-curated annotation updates 1966
Curated GO terms 174

Latest News

August 22, 2016
Fixed bug that caused server error when attempting to download ortholog group data.
July 19, 2016
New data release: v.7.1.0. This version includes 830 additional Burkholderia strains/isolates for a total of 1185.
The latest B. dolosa AU0158 complete genome assembly is included in this release, however we will continue to host the B. dolosa AU0158 draft assembly. Due to many requests, we have transferred the older BDAG locus tags to the new assembly as synonyms and vice versa.
New and updated ortholog predictions for the 682 Burkholderia genome assemblies having less than 100 contigs.
More user-friendly visualization of orthologs. The top studied strains now appear at the beginning of the list, followed by alphabetical sorting by species name.
New implementation of gene ontology annotation downloads in CSV and Tab-delimited formats to fix missing "GO term" field and increase processing speed.
Added COG mappings for more strains based on mappings to CDD (NCBI) database hits.

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