Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315 Functional Domain Annotations

IMP: This is a list of Burkholderia functional domain predictions made using the InterProScan software package. The analysis was run on any genome assemblies having the following assembly status: 1) Gapless chromosome, 2) Chromosome, 3) Chromosome with gaps.
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Locus Tag Product External DB External Signature Accession Signature Description InterPro Accession AA Start AA Stop Score InterPro Annotation Version
BCAM1453 LysR family regulatory protein CDD PBP2_CrgA_like 92 290 1.0237E-67 5.25-64.0
BCAL1990 glucose-6-phosphate isomerase CDD SIS_PGI_1 IPR035476 116 279 1.03355E-71 Phosphoglucose isomerase, SIS domain 1 5.25-64.0
BCAM0820 hybrid two-component system kinase-response regulator protein CDD HisKA IPR003661 141 202 0.00171272 Signal transduction histidine kinase, dimerisation/phosphoacceptor domain 5.25-64.0
BCAM0998 amidophosphoribosyltransferase CDD GPATase_N IPR035584 2 268 2.86712E-135 Amidophosphoribosyltransferase, N-terminal 5.25-64.0
BCAM0540 putative serine acetyltransferase CDD LbH_SAT 187 289 7.00386E-46 5.25-64.0
BCAL1759 2-nitropropane dioxygenase family protein CDD NPD_like 17 288 2.52394E-64 5.25-64.0
BCAM1380 GntR family regulatory protein CDD AAT_like 140 474 1.58235E-67 5.25-64.0
BCAL2326 putative acyl-CoA dehydrogenase family protein CDD ACAD 93 366 2.64573E-55 5.25-64.0
BCAL3030 seryl-tRNA synthetase CDD SerRS_core IPR033729 119 420 1.64557E-179 Serine-tRNA ligase catalytic core domain 5.25-64.0
BCAL1947 RNA polymerase sigma factor CDD Sigma70_r4 129 181 1.9776E-16 5.25-64.0
BCAM0261 putative branched-chain amino acid transporter CDD TM_PBP1_LivM_like 54 325 2.3695E-59 5.25-64.0
BCAM2728 putative periplasmic oligopeptide-binding protein precursor CDD PBP2_OppA 36 534 0.0 5.25-64.0
BCAM1295 ABC transporter permease CDD TM_PBP2 IPR000515 95 276 1.16941E-20 ABC transporter type 1, transmembrane domain MetI-like 5.25-64.0
BCAS0373 LacI family regulatory protein CDD HTH_LacI IPR000843 17 66 5.15758E-17 LacI-type HTH domain 5.25-64.0
BCAL2758 exodeoxyribonuclease VII large subunit CDD ExoVII_LU_OBF IPR025824 40 116 2.84177E-33 OB-fold nucleic acid binding domain 5.25-64.0
BCAL1708 uroporphyrin-III C-methyltransferase CDD SUMT 5 234 1.88799E-116 5.25-64.0
BCAL0139 putative 3-demethylubiquinone-9 3-methyltransferase CDD PhnB_like IPR028973 8 126 1.45204E-47 PhnB-like 5.25-64.0
BCAL3285 flavohemoprotein CDD FHb-globin 4 143 3.50448E-82 5.25-64.0
BCAM2805 LacI family regulatory protein CDD PBP1_LacI_sugar_binding_like 61 322 6.50147E-72 5.25-64.0
BCAL2985 GntR family regulatory protein CDD WHTH_GntR IPR000524 18 81 9.42099E-13 Transcription regulator HTH, GntR 5.25-64.0