Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315 Functional Domain Annotations

IMP: This is a list of Burkholderia functional domain predictions made using the InterProScan software package. The analysis was run on any genome assemblies having the following assembly status: 1) Gapless chromosome, 2) Chromosome, 3) Chromosome with gaps.
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Locus Tag Product External DB External Signature Accession Signature Description InterPro Accession AA Start AA Stop Score InterPro Annotation Version
BCAM1796 LysR family regulatory protein CDD PBP2_Nitroaromatics_like 101 300 3.16115E-66 5.25-64.0
BCAM2627 putative hemin ABC transporter protein CDD HemS-like_C 199 354 2.17617E-94 5.25-64.0
BCAL3148 hypothetical protein CDD SRPBCC_6 4 149 1.68213E-70 5.25-64.0
BCAL3308 putative peptidase CDD PDZ_CTP_protease 80 174 1.00832E-13 5.25-64.0
BCAM2502 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase CDD DHQase_II IPR001874 34 173 1.44474E-89 Dehydroquinase, class II 5.25-64.0
BCAL2872 RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoE CDD Sigma70_r4 131 183 6.2608E-14 5.25-64.0
BCAS0494 benzoate 1,2-dioxygenase electron transfer component CDD fer2 IPR001041 18 92 8.8742E-21 2Fe-2S ferredoxin-type iron-sulfur binding domain 5.25-64.0
BCAM2237 putative 2,2-dialkylglycine decarboxylase CDD OAT_like IPR005814 10 429 4.79586E-158 Aminotransferase class-III 5.25-64.0
BCAL2379 two-component regulatory system, response regulator protein KdpE CDD trans_reg_C IPR001867 139 228 2.77143E-29 OmpR/PhoB-type DNA-binding domain 5.25-64.0
BCAS0708 two-component regulatory system, sensor kinase protein CDD HisKA IPR003661 406 472 2.37084E-7 Signal transduction histidine kinase, dimerisation/phosphoacceptor domain 5.25-64.0
BCAL2909 long-chain acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase CDD BFIT_BACH 6 120 1.51644E-43 5.25-64.0
BCAL0133 chemoreceptor glutamine deamidase CheD CDD CheD IPR005659 21 166 5.4043E-64 Chemoreceptor glutamine deamidase CheD 5.25-64.0
BCAS0031 hypothetical protein CDD OAT_like IPR005814 8 452 1.42427E-130 Aminotransferase class-III 5.25-64.0
BCAL1423 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein CDD ABC_Mj1267_LivG_branched 10 240 2.42816E-96 5.25-64.0
BCAL1769 putative L(+)-mandelate dehydrogenase CDD alpha_hydroxyacid_oxid_FMN IPR012133 9 376 3.82977E-125 Alpha-hydroxy acid dehydrogenase, FMN-dependent 5.25-64.0
BCAM2669 chromosome replication initiation inhibitor protein CDD PBP2_IciA_ArgP 94 289 4.97305E-102 5.25-64.0
BCAM1023 putative selenocysteine-specific elongation factor CDD SelB_II 179 261 1.10322E-27 5.25-64.0
BCAL3010 guanosine-3',5'-bis(diphosphate) 3'-pyrophosphohydrolase CDD ACT_RelA-SpoT 696 763 2.35407E-13 5.25-64.0
BCAL2210 two-component regulatory system, sensor kinase protein CDD HATPase_c 705 813 1.70328E-24 5.25-64.0
BCAM1554 putative diguanylate cyclase CDD PAS IPR000014 227 267 0.00351651 PAS domain 5.25-64.0